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Sailor Moonraker and Felix The Thundercat

BLOG: It has been noted that we here at Liquid TV love a good mash-up. Thus we present to you the work of Juan Doe 720, who uses collage and a high contrast ratio to make Banksy-like pop cultural mismatches. From the overtly political (“The Great Depression” features a Native American in front of a graph showing, presumably, crashing stocks) to the silly and irreverent (“Dirty Harry and the Hendersons”), Juan Doe is spot on every time. Though simple, the pieces are sharp as a tack, so you can feel clever even while you get your chuckle on at work.


The Rauch Bros Get Titular

BLOG: The Rauch Brothers – creators of the Emmy-nominated 9-11 StoryCorps series that animates the stories of family and loved ones of those killed in the 2001 attacks – have recently created a blog of cartoon title art called… Cartoon Title Art. Probably the most uncreative name for an art blog ever, but seriously? This is a fun blog to keep your eye on. Everything from early Disney to Adventure Time shows up on this ever-expanding catalogue of the coolest cartoon graphics.

“Breakfast” by LeLe

BLOG: Amsterdam-based artist Parra animated this music video for his dance band LeLe. Please don’t watch this if you are easily offended. Please do watch if you enjoy humorous graphic animation and classic 60′s typography.

Parra, by the way, runs Rockwell clothing. If you enjoy this video (which he essentially drew pictures for before they were animated by Sandder), you will probably want some of his t-shirts, skateboards, prints or something. Head over to Cartoon Brew to see an interesting documentary on Parra’s process and work (and its connection to Popeye).

Fast Talking Cockney Types

BLOGS: Hang around Modern Toss too long and you’ll wind up a grizzled a-hole looking for a 3pm pint and using words like “tosser” or tacking “right” on to the end of every sentence. And that wouldn’t be a bad thing.

We love Modern Toss because it is, more or less, Cafe Press for rough-and-tumble Brits. With the magic of the internet, though, we can all shop Modern Toss. And I recommend we do, if only to pick up some good excuses for why we should leave work early.

Oh, they also make absolutely hilarious animations. None of which we can post here, because we’re a family-friendly site. But I encourage all you kiddos to head over to to get your fill of fast-cursing Cockney types.

Pixel Pours from Kneeon

BLOG: You may recognize these “pixel pours” from around New York City the past few years (they also appeared in Juxtapoz and boing boing, and will be featured in Taschen’s 2012 Trespass calendar). They were the work of innovative animation firm kneeon, and we can only hope that there will be more in the near future.