The Real Women of Disney

BLOG: Jirka Vinse Jonatan Väätäinen is a Finnish design student who really wants to see the women of Disney animation come to life. As do we all. To that end, he’s endeavored to create lifelike portraits of some of our favorite characters: Pocahontas, Snow White, even Jasmine from Aladdin. Check out all of Jirka’s work at his website.



MUSIC VIDEO: The London-based production company Academy Plus has a penchant for creating slick and incredibly simple videos and indents based around catchy dance beats. Their stop-motion joint with Benga (above) is a prime example of their style of animation that resembles design-come-to-life. Below, their camera-trick project with the shapeshifting British hip hopper DELS.

Oh, Hello, Superfad

BLOG: Along with director Dan Brown and producer Nathan Barr, David Viau makes up one part of the trio behind Oh, Hello, a cleverly titled production company making narratively-driven content in a range of media. They’re the force behind this slick Nike ad starring Larry Fitzgerald. Viau and Barr also happen to be the founding creators of the totally inspiring Superfad, who recently launched their “On Creativity” campaign featuring interviews with creatives like animator Bill Plympton and graf artist KR.

Which all begs the question: what is it that these people do not do? Today, Liquid TV has six short words for the men of Oh, Hello: “Go on with yo’ bad self.”

Make Do and Mend

MUSIC VIDEO: New England’s Make Do And Mend have been steadily gaining traction in the post-hardcore scene. And animator Matt Frodsham expertly illustrates in 3D their blend of narrative dystopia with that the hopefulness their lyrics inspire. See if you can make sense of the ending…