Television Is A Drug

BLOG: Videographer Beth Fulton inundates the viewer with a barrage of familiar televised images in her short spoken word video. Inspired by Todd Alcott‘s hyperactive and insistent poem about our dysfunctional relationship with television. (Not Liquid Television, of course. Nothing dysfunctional about that relationship, not at all.)

The Art of Brock Davis

BLOG: Brock Davis never listened when his mom told him not to play with his food. And it’s a good thing, too, because it turns out he’s quite a talented food artist, and not in the Alice Waters kind of way. In the brilliantly juvenile kind of way that Liquid TV loves so much. Check out more of Brock’s work at his website here.


Synesthesia from Terri Timely on Vimeo.


BLOG: People with synesthesia see sounds, hear colors, and, in general, are whacked out secret-superheroes. This short film by Terri Timely is so freaking cool – and explains the experience of a synesthesiac so appropriately – we just had to share it.


The proof that we are soul mates

BLOG: Animator Emanuele Colombo and writer/researcher Drake Martinet have teamed up to create this syrupy sweet and refreshingly logical short The proof that we are soulmates. It somehow remains hip – and informative! – even through the loving cuteness. I think it’s the glasses, flannel, and beards, but that’s just me.

The Science of Imaginary Solutions

MUSIC VIDEO: If anything about  Thomas McMahan’s music video for The Science of Imaginary Solutions seems familiar, it may be because the LA-based director was entirely responsible for developing the look, logo, and animation for this year’s MTV Movie Awards. Here, he’s created an appropriate blend of 3D realism and total spacey surrealism for an oddly tragic shoegazey-type track by Autolux. Almost like a world from another dimension that is yet eerily familiar. Kind of like the band themselves, who merge gentle singsongy vocals with head banging power chords. We love the weirdly perverse bathers, as well. File under Just Awesome.