Welcome To Glaringly

SUNDAY MORNING: Check out this darkly hilarious animation by Grant Orchard, in which a man visits an old friend in a sinister town with alarming consequences. I hate to think this may be some sort of commentary on contemporary culture or something.

Mike Judge Goes Country


MUSIC VIDEO: We don’t normally get our panties in a twist over country rock on Liquid TV, but there’s something special about this video from The Zac Brown Band. Actually a few things. One – it’s produced by our friends Titmouse, Inc (the studio behind Metalocalypse, China, IL, and the forthcoming Black Dynamite. And two - it’s directed by Beavis and Butt-Head‘s Mike Judge, and when was the last time you saw a Mike Judge directed music video?

In Titmouse style, the art is awesome and riddled with dozens of extra gags if you care to look close enough. In Mike Judge style, it’s a hilarious, irreverent, epically goofy animation.

I Love Your Face

MUSIC VIDEO: I know when music videos are really great when someone mentions a song from over a year ago and all I can remember is the video. And so it is with I Love Your Face – I almost can’t imagine Kali Briis’s E-pop (that’s Estonian) track existing without this strange and adorable video by Chintis Lundgren.