The Gadget Master

BLOG: Not only was last summer’s Toyota Yaris campaign well animated and fully loaded with dope beats and by decent MCs, but they also packed some wisdom to boot. A gadget that makes pasta? You’re right, cartoon rapper dude. That is useless.

Director Laurent Box did a few other cool spots for the same company.

“Belly” by Julia Pott

BLOG: I’m not sure it would be possible for us to love Liquid TV animator Julia Pott any more.

Her new short film, Belly, is magical. A heart-wrenching and beautiful story that after wow-ing at festivals all over the world (including Sundance, SXSW, and the Holland Animation Film Festival, among many others) has now been released on the web. Hooray!

Read her Motionographer Q&A about the making of the film and check out more of her work on her website.


Takashi Yamaguchi Grows Up

BLOG: We’re having a great time watching Takashi Yamaguchi‘s ma-ture, an exploration of shape and light in three dimensions. It’s such a captivating spot, it’s not apparent that it’s an ad for anything at all until the title at the end. Please enjoy responsibly.

A Superhero for the 99%

BLOG: Have no fear, Unemployed Man is here! The graphic novel starring a poor man’s Batman is getting rave reviews by lefty artists types who are generally under-paid and have a chip on their shoulder about the bank bailouts. Instead of a statistic-filled text penned by a mid-career sociologist, though, this book actually moves. And, after all, it’s a superhero story – so you know it comes packed with tons of punches and good feeling at the end.

Check out The Adventures of Unemployed Man by Erich Origen and Gan Golan here, and purchase it here.



BLOG: Check out Joe Bichard‘s short narrative about human interplanetary exploration. MARS! watches like a space-agey motion graphic overview ofthe red planet. There is a great visual payoff in the end, so make sure you stay for the whole ride.