“Lee Van Cleef” by Primus

MUSIC VIDEO: Animator and amateur bassist Chris Lenox Smith animated this ridiculously tight music video for Primus. Like the best animators, he was also kind enough to throw together a demo, explaining the rigging behind the main character in the video. Thanks, Chris!

Speed of Light

BLOG: How awesome is this? Directing duo The Theory has created the world’s tiniest police chase via projected image. The Theory used pico (handheld) projectors to let their bad guy run wherever he needs, taking sharp turns around stacks of papers and sidelining between crevices. And of course, there are plenty of explosions. Clearly, these guys are having too much fun!


MUSIC VIDEO: We appreciate the oddball video art universe constructed by Parisian animator Alexandre Louvenaz for its Run Wrake-esque irreverence and illogic. In other words: watch this and trip balls. You’ve been warned.

For Hire!

BLOG: Check out Berlin animator Xaver Xylophon‘s charmingly illustrated tale of a man and his rickshaw. His university sponsored a trip abroad to India and – where some students may have come back with a parasite and a bunch of worthless souvenirs, Xaver came back with this. Way better than a parasite.

Rings of Doom

BLOG: Thank you to info graphic designer Gustavo Sousa for reminding us that The Olympics are actually just an overly-Spandexed cover for how miserable the planet truly is.

Even Puppy Puppets Get Sad Sometimes

BLOG: In this Jullien Brothers produced ad for the San Francisco SPCA is a brilliant example of how even sweet puppy puppets can actually be horribly depressing. The moral of the story is clear: get your puppies from the pound and not a puppy mill or online. To illustrate the point: a man dancing inside an occasionally sad-faced and/or red-eyed dog costume with “genetic defects, illness and aggression, super-serious depression.” Point taken.