Kris Menace and Miss Kittin “Hide”

MUSIC VIDEO: See the jaggedness of the lines in her face and shirt? Mathieu Bétard’s new video for Hide by Kris Menace (ft. Miss Kittin) is entirely hand drawn and rotoscoped, which means he’s spent a lot of hours playing with pens and footage before developing a line quality that is not replicable with computers. There’s a lot happening in this animation besides the lines – although those are pretty exciting.

It’s almost like as the song builds up and the main character breaks down into a melty-skeletor-thing the shapes become less definable – geometrics break into characters’ frames, the knife wielder pisses his pants into a sphere just like the one that rolls off his head, and general insanity ensues. What we’re trying to say is: we just really like this video, ok? Show your love by buying this album right now.

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