The Eagleman Stag

BLOG: This Monday we’re kicking things off with something that has made audiences at BAFTA, Annecy, Sundance, and SXSW (amongst a handful of other festivals) pause in awe and, ultimately, some kind of shame-tinged recognition with the protagonist’s obsession over his own demise. Animator Mikey Please created this stop motion with a very clear idea of the fact that time speeds up the older you get (what he calls a logorithmic change in value). From this idea, he began cutting paper, foam, and bits of detritus into The Eagleman Stag.

Not only a well-told story that is fun to watch, The Eagleman Stag raises issues of basic human nature, ethics, and time. And it’s darkly comic to boot. First watch the film. Then, if you really wan to know, watch how it was made:

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