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MTV's Awesomest Animation


BLOG: Andrew Thomas Huang‘s gorgeous exploration with color and form won the Special Jury Prize for Experimental Short at this year’s Slamdance. It’s called Solipsist. Five points for anyone who know what that word means.


BLOG: Does anyone remember Stuxnet? Patrick Clair and Scott Mitchell do. The director-writer team came up with this cool motion graphic about the first weapon made entirely out of code.

Ivan Dixon Is Pee Shy


BLOG: A huge wet congratulations to Ivan Dixon on scoring the LoopdeLoop top prize for animated looping short about (what else) LIQUID. Ivan used based his loop on his own personal experience – always a good bet. Although now we all know why it takes him so long to use the little boys’ room.

Incidentally, Ivan makes up one half of Rubber House Studio in Melbourne and, along with Gregory Sharpe, they are leading a resurgence in luscious hand-drawn traditional animation with an edge. Check out their potentially offensive video for Gotye above and their teaser Old Feed below.

Congrats again, Ivan!


Brad Mossman’s “Roz”

BLOG: Director Brad Mossman‘s character Roz is painfully familiar to many of us – and a delight to watch. Somehow, the fact that the Mossman’s visualization of this character looks more like a shifty-eyed space-raindrop with ears than the doting and overbearing auntie she sounds like only makes this little ‘toon all the more charming. Enjoy.

Chinese Stars’ “Body”

MUSIC VIDEO: A week ago we brought you hot dogs from Chinese Stars. Now we bring you lipstick, handhelds, and sparkles. Lots of sparkles. And blood. Both videos were created by Luke Boggia and Ashleigh Carraway from Sensitive Hearts. Do yourself a favor and enjoy both in HD.

Last Chance to Vote for Your Favorite LIQUID Loop

BLOG: Some call it Women’s History Month, some call it National Frozen Foods Month, some just call it the Month of Getting Drunk And Wearing More Green Than Is Ever Appropriate. But our friends at LoopdeLoop like to refer to March as LIQUID Month – and we couldn’t agree more! All month we’ve been highlighting some of our favorite looping animations, submitted to LoopdeLoop by indie animators from around the globe, but this Sunday the contest closes. So whether you simply want to vote or if you’ve been sitting on something completely inappropriate like Nathanael Scott, Felix ColgraveIvan Dixon (above), or something a little simpler like Amy Alexander, Neil Sanders, or Ana Maria Mendez Salgado (below) – there’s no time like the present! Head over to before Sunday night (which is more like Sunday at dawn in the USA). After all, Liquid is the reason for the season.