Srsly Tao Lin WTF

BLOG: This is Tao Lin’s to-scale drawing of the “world’s largest Xanax” (with Mount Everest, Conor Oberst, and Honda Civics for size comparison). Just one of the many reasons why we believe Tao Lin may be the preeminent sage of our time. His series of Drug-Related Photoshop Art on is pretty much 100% on point. For instance, check out his “Large dose of MDMA” Halloween costume, direct from China:

Ok, the man is like a modern-day Indiana Jones, going to the far reaches of society to bring back wisdom for the ages. You may recognize his name as the well-received young author of numerous novels and books of poetry, including Richard Yates and Shoplifting from American Apparel. His forthcoming book Taipei, Taiwan will be published by Vintage.

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