The Art of Dash Shaw

BLOG: I’ve been a fan of Dash Shaw since I picked up his zombie romance Love Eats Brains! at Small Press Expo in 2004. He has since published a number of indie-faves and created a mini web-series for called The Unclothed Man in the 35th Century A.D. His latest project is BodyWorld, which I finally picked up at my local comix shop.

For all my brethren latecomers: BodyWorld might be one of the more engaging graphic novels of, er, 2010. Rarely do I read a graphic novel that I immediately want to re-read – for both the art and the story. Since 2010 Shaw’s been busy working on an animated feature film called The Ruined Cast. The website for the film features special clips, interviews, animatics, and other Dash Shaw-y things. Check out Dash Shaw comics and cartoons at

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