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More Cosplay

BLOG: The fine folks at Comics Alliance do a weekly called “Best Cosplay Ever (This Week)” that is always worth checking out. Some of my favorites:

Barbara and Adam Maitland from Beetlejuice

Dale Gribble from King of the Hill….

Steampunk Daft Punk from DragonCon. Personal fave.

The Blobby Boys from Alex Schubert

BLOG: The Blobby Boys, by Alex Shubert, is one of the funniest dumbest bestest webcomics we’ve come across in a minute. He also writes a zine called “The Dudes,” which is pretty sweet – but we think this one is betterist. You can buy both of them at Zine Police. Check out his website at But whatever you do, don’t check out this other Alex Schubert’s website – unless you’re a comedian in need of some jokes.

The Double Crossing Coffin

BLOG: Nina Albright‘s skeleton mystery comic from the Winter 1945 issue of Suspense Comics. Though women were no strangers to comic writing and production throughout the mid to late 20th century, it’s pretty rare (and thus, cool) to see a woman play a lead role in a comic written solely by a woman at this time. Props to Nina.

What are some of your favorite classic ladies in comics?

LG Optimus Hyper Façade

BLOG: Façade Mapping Image Show made this 3D projection for LG Optimus One last month in Berlin. It began as a light show and quickly escalated into something much more incredible – as you can tell from the sounds of shock emanating from the large audience.

“Aberdeen” by Cage the Elephant

BLOG: “Hold the phone, hit repeat. Got me foaming at the knees.” Aberdeen, by Cage the Elephant (who, btw, are currently working on their highly anticipated 3rd album) spent 40 weeks at #1 in 2011 – in no small part due to its brilliant accompanying claymation by Neil Sanders.

Check out their interview on CNN last year:

Halloween Loops

BLOG: Get ready to get scurred with these Halloween edition animation loops (more over at loop de loop). The best part? You can play them on repeat all weekend long. …Happy Halloween…! The first one comes from Neil Sanders. Kinda cute but ultimately deadly. (His website is boss – definitely worth a look.)

This one from Timothy Merks. Ohgodwhat’sgonnahappen???*gasp*

A little early Dia de los Muertos claymation from Jai Kenway. Play this as a loop for some background music at work today and you really might start to go nuts.

Beavis and Butt-Head 4eva

BLOG: Beavis and Butt-Head Reloaded, Day 6: If you’re like me, you yesterday evening sitting on a couch alternately cracking up and talking smack at the TV – right along with those two twerps Beavis and Butt-Head. It’s been fourteen years, but it kind of feels like it was just yesterday since we last saw them, cracking jokes on Big Daddy Kane and PJ Harvey videos. Now they crack jokes on Jersey Shore and Twilight. I can dig it. It’s almost as if, after over a decade of mythologizing branding and wistful references on the blogosphere, they can do no wrong.

Artist David Christensen must have felt the same way when he sculpted these two losers in eurothane foam, to stand for all eternity (or at least a couple of decades). Christensen was working for Viacom (the parent company of MTV) in the late 1990′s, while at the same time completing a commission for a Catholic church in Mexico. And, according to him, he simply decided to “combine the two.”

You can actually purchase Christiansen’s piece Beavis and Butt-Head’s 15th Station of the Cross on – where else? – Etsy, for just $375. For a lobby ornament of this stature, that’s a steal.